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JLR Ford Privilege Scheme

What is the JLR Ford Privilege Scheme?

This scheme offers employees of Jaguar Land Rover the opportunity to buy Ford , Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles at a discount of approximately 20%. You can buy it outright or take advantage of the privilege finance options. An employee can buy up to 5 vehicles within a 9-month period so that members of their family can also benefit. Cars must be kept for a minimum of 9 months and then the employee or their family has 3 options:

  1. Keep the vehicle (or keep paying the finance)
  2. Hand the car back (subject to condition there may be a charge for this)
  3. Sell the car privately

At Sell Your Car 2 Jack, a local Solihull-based company, we work with many JLR employees to buy their cars off them at the end of term. Often we can actually give more money than what the car is owed on finance, therefore you will actually get cash back for handing your car to Sell Your Car 2 Jack. (This is subject to condition, mileage and finance owed)

Will my Credit Rating be affected for early contract termination?

NO BLACK MARK ON YOUR CREDIT RATING – Early contract termination before your finance term has finished means you will be penalised with a black mark on your Credit Rating. By Selling Your Car 2 Jack will give you peace of mind as we settle any outstanding finance and pay it off before the term ends, meaning no black mark on your Credit Rating.

Why should I Sell My Car 2 Jack?

How do I Sell My Car 2 Jack?

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