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No hassle, stress free way to selling your car

Here are a few scenarios many customers will inevitably face when trying to sell their car privately on auto trader or eBay.

1. The cost to list an advert on an online website to showcase the sale of your car is circa £40, this is usually for 2-3 weeks advertising, after which if your car has not sold, guess what you pay again with still no guarantee of selling your car.

2. Inviting complete strangers into your home, which you would never do on a day to day basis but when it comes to selling a car you don’t really have much of a choice. The motor trade has many undesirable characters lurking around ready to take advantage of the unassuming individual. Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with someone who is trusted and has a good reputation?

3. Payment - Do you really want to count 1000’s of £’s in cash, not knowing if some of them maybe fake. Once the money has exchanged the person who has just bought the car knows you have the money in your house - this could easily lead to a snatch and grab style robbery later on that evening. Also online payments and scams are rife on auto trader and eBay with spurious paypal notifications - read Jacks blog on the 419 nigerian scam for an insight (link).

4. Time consuming, with an average private car sale time of 34.5 days. 1 Month to sell a car seems like an age, but in reality there are 10’s of 1000’s of cars just like yours out there, there are so many options and variations age, mileage, colour, doors, engine size, emissions, insurance category the list goes on, customers have a HUGE choice nationwide.

5. Pre sale car prep - With the huge choice of cars out there you need to make sure your car is up to standard. Scratches, partial history, MOT due are all good enough reasons for a potential customer to walk away and see another car. You will need to spend money on getting your car up to retail standard if you want a quick sale, if not people will turn up waste an house of your time and probably not buy your car due to a “number” or things that need repairing.

6. Finance - If you have outstanding finance on your vehicle this scares a lot of customers. There is only 1 real way of selling a car privately with outstanding finance and that is to clear the outstanding finance so it does not show on HPI / experian. Of course if you don’t have the money you are in a sticky situation and may face paying another 1, 2 or 3 months rental due to the lack of interest in the sale of your car.

7. Value - the price of your car if in £1000’s many customers “worry” about giving this kind of money over to someone they don’t know or trust, it’s not like a house sale which is controlled by solicitors your very much on your own. This is why private sale’s from your home is slow as people have more piece of mind buying cars a little bit more money from a reputable dealer. At a dealer they have the piece of mind that it’s safe, there is usually a warranty provided and the dealer can offer a no hassle part exchange on their old car.

No hassle, no haggling, safe and pleasant

That is 7 different scenarios that you may face. Wouldn’t it be easier to arrange an appointment, show Jack your local, trusted car buyer your vehicle and get paid within 20 minutes. No hassle, no haggling, safe and an all round pleasant experience.

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